Why Use a Certified Geriatric Care Manager?

A professional Geriatric Care Manager can serve as your guide through the maze of regulations and options that may be of value to you as you assist your parent or spouse.  ADVOCATES FOR SENIOR CHOICES will ensure that your loved one’s dignity will be of prime consideration in the decision-making process.

Whether you are in the same neighborhood or hours away, your Care Manager will be your resource and can help you find PEACE OF MIND for your family and yourself.  Shiffy Crane, your Certified Geriatric Care Manager, has over twenty-five years of experience with seniors.  She is an innovative and detail oriented problem-solver.

The Process
Caregivers kick off the process with an assessment.   This includes a review of the medical history and, if your parent is living at home, an evaluation of the setup, looking at stairs, lighting, and other issues.  A care manager is experienced in counseling adult children as the senior’s condition, needs and desires lead to emotional and financial  challenges for all. In the end, finding someone to help you take care of an elderly relative can benefit your health as well as theirs.
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